Schefflera is a genus of flowering plants often kept as houseplants.  You can purchase small 4" pots, right up to very large tree formed Scheffleras in 14"-18" planters.  They are popular as houseplants, as they are easy going and can adjust to a number of situations.  Use caution with pets, as the leaves of Schefflera contain calcium oxalate crystals and can cause swelling and irritation if chewed on or ingested.

Schefflera do best in a well lit, bright area, with a few hours, to all day, direct sunlight, they can adjust to low, filtered light as well.  Because of this, they are a versatile plant that is perfect for any home or office space.  They can also be sued outdoors in the Summer and many varieties are frequently used as landscape plants in warmer climates.

Schefflera need kept evenly moist at all times.  While they can tolerate drying out, it is best to prevent it from happening, and you certainly don't want to leave them dry for too long, as they will wilt and lose their leaves.  An evenly moist soil is best, and a planter with drainage is a great option so that excess water does not pool at the the bottom of the pot, causing root issues.  Check the soil every 3-4 days and water as needed.  If the top inch or so of the soil is dry, your Croton could most likely use a drink.  We find it best to check with your finger, as opposed to relying on a moisture meter.  They can often times be quite inaccurate.

While it is not completely necessary, you can use a general purpose, high quality fertilizer from Spring through Fall.  We recommend diluting the fertilizer to about 50% strength.  Fish Head Farms soil conditioner is a great option to use year round to provide essential nutrients and promote strong, healthy growth.

A loose, well draining soil or soilless mix is ideal.  A peat based mixture with lots of perlite, vermiculite or sand will do the trick.  For a pre-mixed formula, we find that a Cactus/Succulent blend is perfect!  

Schefflera are moderate growers, especially once they are established. We recommend repotting every year or 2, but only if they are noticeably pot bound.  Even then, you only want to move up 2" or so in pot sizes to reduce stress.  This should be done in the Spring or early Summer months.  If you have just recently purchased your plant, do not repot it for at least 6 months.

Schefflera are great at tolerating a number of humidity levels.  As long as they remain moist and are given enough sunlight each day, they are pretty easy going with other household conditions.  Regular indoor temps and humidity levels are fine, while they would benefit from a humidifier nearby.

The most common pest issues for Schefflera include Mealy Bugs and Red Spider Mites, however, Thrip and even Scale Bugs can cause issues.  It is always best practice to isolate any new plants you bring in to your home for a few weeks to watch for little pests.  For help and tips on prevention and treatment of pests, see our At Home Pest Recipes  here!

If you have any more questions, or need further assistance, please feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email!