Assorted 2" Carnivorous

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Temperature: These plants are happiest between 60°- 90°F (15°- 32°C) for most of the year. During the winter months, they enter a dormancy period, and can withstand temperatures as low as 30°F (-1°C) for short periods of time.
Light: Dionaea Muscipula is a light demanding plant. For optimal health conditions, it requires at least 12 hours of light a day. At least 4 of those should be full sunlight.
Watering: They like their growing medium to be kept moist at all times, but never to the point of soggy. They are best watered through bottom-watering systems (water tray). Water should always be distilled before providing to the plant, as the chemicals in typical tap water are poisonous to the root system.
Soil: This plant demands nutrient poor soil. Peat moss and long fiber sphagnum moss should be mixed in a 1:1 ratio for the best growing conditions.
Re-Potting: These plants can be re-potted at any time other than their dormancy period.
Fertilizer: Never introduce fertilizer to your plant. These cause the root system to rot.
Humidity: Normal household humidity is suggested.
Propagation: Growing these plants from seeds requires at least five years before maturity is reached. Propagation from splitting existing plants is more common.
Grooming And Pruning: Do not disturb the leaf-blades needlessly. The flowering shoot should be pruned away promptly unless you are wanting to grow seeds.