Croton 'Sloppy Painter'

Croton 'Sloppy Painter'

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Plant Care

Temperature: Temperatures between 65-80ºF (18-27ºC) are ideal, and no lower than 60ºF (15ºC). Avoid cold drafts from near windows and doors.
Light: As mentioned the croton must have plenty of light to remain healthy in appearance.
Watering: Keep the soil moist using tepid water from spring until the end of summer. You will need to water much less during winter.
Soil: A peat (2 parts) based potting mixture with perlite or sand (1 part) added works well, or other well draining types.
Fertilizer: A diluted fertilizer used every 2 weeks is ideal to feed this plant with during the growing season ( spring - fall).
Re-Potting: Re-pot once every 2 -3 years. Only change the pot to one size larger once the plant has outgrown its pot, although it does like it's roots to be crowded.
Humidity: The croton plant enjoys high humidity levels - so where possible improve the humidity of a room with a humidifier or place the plant on a tray of pebbles and water.
Propagation: These are fairly easy to propagate during spring with stem cuttings. Use rooting hormone on the tips of the stems, place in potting soil and provide heat at the bottom of the pots, if possible.
Pruning: These plants tend to grow quite large and too bushy for some rooms indoors. You can cut stems back to a suitable size - during spring.