Cryptanthus 'Black Mystic'

Cryptanthus 'Black Mystic'

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Low Maintenance, easy to care for, rigid leaves that blush brighter colors in full sun.

Chocolate brown with grey and black striping. Bright red will edge the leaves in brighter light.

Great for use in terrariums.

Cryptanthus Care

Temperature: Temperature:To bring them in to flower you may need to keep the temperature up to around 75°f / 24°c and then average room temperatures above 65°f / 18.3°c at any other time.
Light: Bright light without direct sunlight is preferable.
Watering: The vase, or center cup needs to be kept topped up with water which should be emptied and replaced every week. The soil is best watered when it becomes slightly dry at the top, and avoid over-watering. Using a pot that has sufficient drainage holes is advised.
Soil: A peat based potting mix is fine - as long as it drains well.
Fertilizer: Feeding with a liquid diluted fertilizer from May - September is ideal, once every 4 weeks. They can also be mist sprayed with a foliar fertilizer to provide the foliage with nutrients.
Re-Potting: These should not need re-potting if they have matured. Smaller plants may need a slightly bigger container to give the roots more room for growth.
Humidity: Normal humidity indoors should be fine, and misting of the plant leaves will help too.
Propagation: These are easily propagated after the offsets have grown over 5 inches tall, and a few months old. They need to be separated from the container they have been growing inside with roots attached and then placed into a suitable sized container with a moist soil mix.