Euphorbia millii variegata 'Variegated Crown of Thorns'

Euphorbia millii variegata 'Variegated Crown of Thorns'

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Crown of Thorns is an easy to grow succulent variety.

Crown of Thorns Care

Temperature: The Crown of Thorns likes it's sunshine and warm conditions which help it to grow and maintain's it's health. A partially sunny spot and average temperatures of no lower than approximately 60°F (15°C) will suffice.
Light: These do prefer good light conditions and sunlight, although it's best to provide them with partial sunlight and shade in high temperatures. This is the type of plant that grows lopsided if it only receives sunlight on one side, which is worth noting.
Watering: Before watering, check underneath the pot through the drainage holes to see if the roots are dry. If so then add some water. Do not water too often to prevent over watering, that can potentially kill it off.
Soil: A cactus soil mix will be fine. The mix needs to be a type that is light and drains easily to prevent the roots from getting water logged.
Fertilizer: Using fertiliser once each season is a good method, but not in the winter. A good succulent and cacti product bought will provide the correct instructions to follow.
Re-Potting: Re-pot only when necessary (becomes pot bound, but that's unlikely). It may be safest to re-pot as soon as you get the Coral home in-case the mix, pot or both are not adequate.
Propagation: These are propagated with cuttings taken in spring, which need to be dried out for a couple of weeks before potting. Do remember that the sap from the Crown of Thorns is poisonous, so take precautions (gloves - protective eye-wear).