Hawaiian Hibiscus Bush - Pick Up Only

Hawaiian Hibiscus Bush - Pick Up Only

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Hibiscus Care

Temperature: Minimum temperature should be no lower than 55°F (10°C). Ideal is approximately 60° - 85°F 
Light: These need as much light as they can get.
Watering: Watering the plant so the compost is kept damp is a good measure to use. Do not allow them to dry out.
Soil: A decent all-purpose potting mix.
Re-Potting: Each year re-pot in spring.
Fertilizer: Feed every 2 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Use a diluted liquid feed.
Humidity: Spraying a water mist in the summer and within a warm room will comfort the Rosa.
Propagation: Easy to propagate by taking stem cuttings in spring. They can also be propagated by seed, but they will take many months to grow and flower .