Nepenthes 'MIRANDA' Pitcher Plant

Nepenthes 'MIRANDA' Pitcher Plant

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Flies? Mosquitos? Spiders even?  This plant has your back!

Nepenthes Care

Temperature: These plants are happiest between 60°- 90°F (15°- 32°C)
Light:  For optimal health conditions, it requires at least 8-12 hours of light a day. 
Watering: They like their growing medium to be kept moist at all times, but never to the point of soggy. Water should always be distilled before providing to the plant, as the chemicals in typical tap water are poisonous to the root system.
Soil: This plant demands nutrient poor soil. Peat moss and long fiber sphagnum moss should be mixed in a 1:1 ratio for the best growing conditions.
Re-Potting: These plants can be re-potted at any time, however, they do not mind growing in a smaller pot.
Fertilizer: Never introduce fertilizer to your plant. These cause the root system to rot.
Humidity: Nepenthes likes high humidity levels. In dry or hot conditions, spray your Pitcher Plant with bottled or distilled water a couple times a week.
Propagation: Growing these plants from seeds requires at least five years before maturity is reached. Propagation from splitting existing plants is more common.
Grooming And Pruning: You can clip off dead or dried up leaves and pitchers, as needed.