Purple Amethyst Terrarium Globe - 5.5

Purple Amethyst Terrarium Globe - 5.5"

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Our CRYSTALS line of Terrariums combines the Earth's natural healing powers with easy care, air purifying plants!

Purple Amethyst, the Gem of Fire, is the Stone of St. Valentine. It signifies faithful love, and carries the energy of fire and passion, creativity and spirituality. It lends powers that stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions.

Each Purple Amethyst Globe is 100% Hand Blown Glass, finished with rope for hanging. They are flat on the bottom too, so they can sit upright!

Each Globe is 5.5" in diameter.

Each Purple Amethyst Terrarium "kit" will include:
1-5.5" hand blown glass globe with natural rope tied to it already.
1-bag of sand in color of your choice
1-Purple Amethyst Cluster (2-3")
1-Assorted Air Plant
Care Instructions
Live plant guarantee

Plants are Assorted based on availability, but will be similar to those shown in the photos.

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