Sansevieria 'Javelin'

Sansevieria 'Javelin'

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Sanseveria Care

Temperature: Average warmth is fine of approximately 60-75°F (15-24°C) and no lower than 50°F (10°C).
Light: Sansevieria is well known for coping with direct sun and low light conditions, although bright light conditions with some sun light and shade is preferred.
Watering: Because this plant is a succulent it stores water within its foliage, so it is not necessary to keep the soil damp. Water from spring to fall when the soil becomes dry to the touch and during the winter only once a month. Be careful not to over water as this can cause the root and base of the plant to rot.
Soil: I would just use a common well draining cactus and succulent potting mix available from all garden stores.
Re-Potting: The snake plant does not enjoy being re-potted very often, so re-pot only when the pot cracks from growth. They're best potted within a clay pot that can crack once maximum growth space within the pot is used.
Fertilizer: During the main growing season (spring - fall) feed with a diluted cactus and succulent fertilizer once a month.
Humidity: Average house humidity is advised - but this plant can tolerate dry air conditions and drafts.
Propagation: Propagate by division when its re-potting time or when you see enough plant growth. You may also remove offsets that appear near the base of the plant or propagate 2 inch leaf tip cuttings. Dividing the plant seems to be the most successful approach.