Shrimp Plant - Pachystachys Lutea

Shrimp Plant - Pachystachys Lutea

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Shrimp Plant Care

Temperature: Average room temperatures of around 65°f / 16°c --- 75°f are ideal, and no lower that 55°f 12.7°c, during winter. You can allow the plant some time outdoors during summer, not in direct sun.
Light: Any area indoors that has plenty of daylight, but not direct sunlight.
Watering: Keep the soil damp and water frequently during summer. Water sparingly winter time.
Soil: A decent fast draining potting soil mix, will suffice.
Re-Potting: Re-pot during spring each year. If not each year, then at-least when the roots start to grow from the pot drainage holes.
Humidity: The shrimp enjoys misting (summertime).
Propagation: These are easy enough to propagate with stem cuttings between spring and summer. Cut about 4 inches of stem and dip them in rooting hormone before planting in potting soil.
Pruning and grooming: : Because this plant grows quick it needs to be pruned (during spring) to manage it's size indoors. These are best cut just above the leaf node (section where leaves meet the stem) for a good third of the branches. When the flower heads begin to die you can also cut these away, which encourages new growth and health. You can trim this plant and pinch it (take away top section of main stem) to guide it to grow in a nice compact shape, which makes it look more full and friendly indoors.