Spider Plant 'Bonnie'

Spider Plant 'Bonnie'

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One of the easiest and most recognized house plants!

Spider Plant Care

Temperature: Minimum temperature should be no lower than 45°F (7°C). Ideal is approximately 60° - 75°F (15° - 24°C).
Light: Nicely lit room without direct sunlight.
Watering: They like plenty of water, between spring and summer. In the winter they should need a lot less.
Soil: Any decent potting mix.
Re-Potting: Re-pot in spring, if needed (outgrown its pot). Look for roots growing out of the drainage holes of the current pot.
Fertilizer: Feed during spring and summer with a diluted liquid fertilizer.
Humidity: Avoid too much hot air as this will affect the leaves. Spraying a water mist in the summer and within a warm artificially heated room will help.
Propagation: Propagate by dividing the main plant or replant the plant-lets that grow from the main plant any time between spring - fall.

Overall these plants are easy enough for anyone to take care of. The more care given the better they look, though!