Tokyo Pot

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With the Tokyo succulent pots we have branched out into a new medium for our planters. Similar to our Dyad and Diamond collections of succulent pots, the Toyko pots are made from clay. Previously we have always used ceramic and porcelain to make our decorative pots for indoor plants.

The use of clay allows us the ability to play around with the aesthetic of a matte finish on these decorative pots for indoor plants. We are very happy and super excited about the end result which gives them a touch more of a high end modern look than a lot of the other planters we offer.

The Tokyo planters come in in eight colors (Blue Grey, Peacock Green, Black, Sea Blue, Yellow, Blue, White, Light Grey) and 2 shapes (one with one tall side, the other with two tall sides.)

The name Toyko was comes from the illusion of a mini-city that is created when you cluster both the shapes and several colors together.

While there is no drainage hole, a layer of charcoal and gravel can use utilized for your succulents. The pots are also fully glazed so you can use them for small bunches of cut flowers. Or pop an air plant in them!

The Toyko Planters are 2.5” in diameter and 4” tall.