In this collection, you can find lots of gorgeous houseplants that are perfect for medium light areas.  These spaces can be Eastern facing, filtered (maybe with a sheer curtain) Western facing, or even stepped back away from a Southern exposure window.

    medium light could be compared to the ground level of a patchy forest or jungle.  Plenty of natural light seeps in, but the plant is not sitting in direct sunlight for hours upon hours in the middle of the day.

    Many varieties of Alocasia, Philodendron, Monstera, Rhaphidophora, Hoya and more do very well in a strongly lit, but not direct sun area of your home.   

    Bay windows, kitchen window sills, even your home office with lots of natural light.
    Medium light could be considered small amounts of direct sun, but not sitting in your back yard on a hot summer day, with no shade.  Save those spaces for our "high light" collection of plants.

    If you are unsure if the area you would like to place a new plant in is low, medium or high light, please, give us a call, send us an email, or even better, come in to the Jungle and we would more than happy to assist you and find you the perfect plant.

    Please note that we only ship plants in pots up to 6".  Some of our medium light plant varieties are in pots larger than 6" and are only available for instore pickup, or local area delivery.

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    Philodendron Brandtianum
    from $ 24.99
    Philodendron Quelelii Round
    $ 74.99
    Amydrium Medium Silver
    $ 49.99
    Syngonium Auritum (Tri-Leaf Wonder)
    from $ 49.99
    Philodendron Panduriforme
    $ 74.99
    Agave Americana Variegata
    from $ 29.99
    Anthurium Thai Hybrid
    $ 79.99
    Philodendron Orange Marmalade
    from $ 69.99
    Hoya Obovata Splash
    $ 29.99
    Sansevieria Masoniana Variegata 'Whale's Fin'
    $ 69.99
    Alocasia Macrorrhiza Camouflage
    $ 79.99
    Philodendron Kathleen
    $ 74.99
    Pilea microphylla (Artillery)
    $ 24.99
    Philodendron Calkins Gold
    $ 149.99
    Philodendron Esmeraldense
    $ 29.99
    Calathea Roseopicta
    from $ 14.99
    Philodendron Black Majesty
    $ 299.99
    Dracaena Limelight
    $ 69.99
    Dracaena Bronze Bay
    $ 89.99
    Alocasia Brancifolia Pink Passion
    $ 69.99
    Aglaonema Green Bowl
    $ 29.99
    Philodendron Bob Cee
    $ 39.99
    Saintpaulia Bahama Breeze
    $ 19.99
    Philodendron 'Big Phil'
    $ 39.99
    Anthurium pedatoradiatum (Fingers)
    $ 69.99
    Stricta Green Clump
    $ 39.99
    Philodendron Sparreorum
    $ 149.99