With thousands of plants in the Jungle at any one time, you can imagine that it is challenging to be completely pest free.
In the Jungle, we utilize a 4 step process to do our very best to stay ahead of any houseplant loving pests.  From the moment new plants come in to the Jungle, to the time they leave, we do as much as we can to safely prevent and treat any pest issues we find.

Aside from our own in-house propagation center (the Lab), the Jungle works with a network of professional growers throughout the US and Canada.  Some of the growers we work with use a regimented insecticide protocol, following state and federal guidelines, to treat and prevent and insect issues.  Some of our other growers, along with the Jungle, utilize a different approach, and stay clear of any chemical insecticides.  We find that a series of steps of more natural, preventative and treatment measures allow for a safer, chemical free environment for all of us.

Before new plants are brought in to the Jungle, they are accepted in to our processing / holding room, where they are unpacked, cleaned and treated with a non-chemical mix of water, isopropyl alcohol and dish detergent.  This recipe can be found in any of the other Pest ID and Treatment pages and is an effective solution against most problematic insects.
We then give every plant a dose of natural systemic granules that are placed in the soil, preventing and treating pest infestation from the inside of the plant.  Additionally, all plants grown here are grown in a medium with this natural systemic, mixed in to the pot, to protect our plants as they make their journey on to the sales floor.  They are also all sprayed with our mixture before coming out of the 'Lab'.

Once the plants are out in the Jungle, they are treated on a regular basis, along with everything else in the Jungle, with our mix of water, isopropyl alcohol and dish liquid.  Additionally, we have found, and use, garlic oil to be a great nonchemical pesticide.

In addition to any and all sprays or systemics, we utilize good bugs in the Jungle, releasing thousands of Lady Bugs and Praying Mantis throughout the year.  While visiting the Jungle, you may have caught a glimpse of one of our Tree Frogs, or Anoles.  They help us out in the good fight against pests and problematic insects as well, living happily in a chemical free environment.

While it is impossible to be completely pest free at all times, we assure you that we do absolutely everything we can to provide the best quality plants with little to no chemical interference.  Natural is effective and we find it to be the best way to grow, treat and provide safe houseplants. 

It is always best practice, regardless of where you buy your plants, to isolate any new plants, away from your others, in a separate room, if possible, to watch for pest issues.  If, over the course of 2 weeks or so, you notice any pests, utilize the tips and treatments outlined in our pages, to remove them before introducing your new plants to your others. 
Many people find that a preventative treatment of all of their plants, especially from Spring through Fall, is a good idea, as these tiny little bugs can make their way in to your house in the warmer months.  

If you need additional help with any plant pest issues, or have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. 

Thank you!