Columnea ‘Broget Stavager’

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Lipstick Care

Temperature: To keep this plant as healthy as possible, keep it at temperatures between 60-85 ºF (15-29 ºC) year round. It will withstand occasional cold snaps down to 50 ºF (10 ºC), but below this, the plant will suffer.
Light: This plant does best in bright light conditions year-round. Too much direct sun will burn the leaves, but full shade will prohibit growth and blooming.
Watering: Overwatering will cause the plant's roots to rot. We suggest allowing the soil to visibly dry on the surface, and to the first inch or so down, then water thoroughly.
Soil: Any high quality potting soil mix will suffice.  We use an organic mix with coconut coir and perlite. Adding gravel or small pebbles at the bottom first few inches of the pot will encourage drainage.
Re-Potting: Lipstick tends to do well in a root bound situation, however, repotting every couple of years, as the plant grows is best.  Never repot your Lipstick during a bloom.
Fertilizer: If desired, a balanced fertilizer can be offered to this plant every other week. Fertilizer is only required for the plant's health if the soil quality is poor.
Humidity: This plant prefers normal household humidity during the summer months. It should be given additional misting every other day during the winter if your home air humidity is exceptionally dry.
Propagation: Propagation is best done through cuttings on this plant. Simply cut a section of the plant off of the parent and submerge the cut ends in water for two weeks. When roots form, transfer the plant to a container for growing.