Pachira Aquatica - Braided Money Tree

Pachira Aquatica - Braided Money Tree

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A Great gift!  Bring good fortune to your and your friends and family!

Money Tree Care

Temperature: Room temperatures from 65-75ºF (18-24ºC) are suitable, and no lower than 50ºF (10ºC).
Light: Try your best to provide the plant with as much light as possible - without direct sunlight which can scorch the leaves. During the winter the amount of daylight time decreases, which will naturally tell the plant it's time to rest and slow it's growth down, so do not become concerned about it no longer producing new shoots and leaves.
Watering: Thoroughly water the plant once the soil becomes dry and remove excess water from the pot tray. During the winter the pachira will slow it's growth right down and will not need to be watered anywhere near as much like in spring and summer. Do not over-water or have the plant in a pot which can become waterlogged.
Soil: A peat moss based mix is suitable. A good mix can be made with 2 parts peat and one part perlite or sand (for drainage).
Re-Potting: Re-pot once every two years, during spring. The pachira wont need a pot much bigger than the one it resides in now, if it's grown more, otherwise the same pot will be fine. Keeping the tree small requires the plant to stay in a small pot with only a soil change.
Fertilizer: A balanced liquid fertilizer diluted should be fed to the plant every 2 weeks which will encourage growth and healthy leaves. Feed from spring and stop just before winter or when growth really slows down, whichever comes first.
Humidity: Above average room humidity is the best growing conditions to grow a money plant. During the summer increase levels with a humidity tray (tray with pebbles and water which the plants sits on) or a humidifier. During the winter avoid the plant becoming affected by dry air from artificial heating.
Propagation: Propagate using 5 - 7 inch long stem tip cutting with at-least one node and only 1 or 2 sets of leaves. Use rooting hormone on the cut and re-pot in moist potting mix. For best results try and provide temperatures of 75 - 80บF (24บC - 27บC) and increase humidity. Don’t move the cutting from the pot until you see plenty of new growth, which could take 6 weeks or so (depending on the conditions it's growing in).
Pruning: You can prune the tree down to the size you find suitable if the foliage becomes overgrown. Leave half inch of stem above a node and petiole with a leaf attached when cutting a stem.