Schefflera Arboricola Variegata

Schefflera Arboricola Variegata

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Great for any indoor condition!

Large Growing, but easily managed!

Schefflera Care

Temperature: Grows well in average room temperatures between 60 - 75 °F (15 - 24°C) but no lower than 55F or higher than 85°F . Avoid sudden temperature drops and cold drafts.
Light: Basic light condition of bright without direct sunlight is best suited, although lower lighting conditions only really affects it's growth rate rather than causing any harm.
Watering: The best advice is to water once the top soil becomes dry. Over-watering is more of a problem than lack of water.
Soil: A peat moss based potting mix with 2 parts peat moss and 1 part perlite is suggested.
Re-Potting: You will need to re-pot the plant once every 2 years and provide new potting mix, during spring. To be on the safe side - hold of feeding for one month because enough nutrients should be present in the new potting mix. A good solid and heavy container is needed to prevent tall and mature trees from toppling over.
Fertilizer: I would not go over the top with feeding this plant and just use a diluted fertilizer once a month from spring - fall.
Humidity: Average humidity levels indoors are usually fine. If the air is dry in the room, improve humidity levels.
Propagation: These are quite tricky to propagate, which is done by taking 4 - 6 inch stem cuttings, during spring. Do the usual stem cutting process and remove all leaves apart from one set and make sure a node is available which new growth will sprout from. You'll need to use rooting hormone on the cut to be placed in the soil and pot the cutting in a container that can have a plastic sheet placed over the top (usually with elastic bands holding the plastic on) or use a propagator. These need to be kept at temperatures between 65 - 75 °F (18 - 24°C and be provided with bottom heat to improve your chances of success. Make sure you do not over-water the soil, which can begin rotting the cutting and wait until you see plenty of new growth before beginning to provide basic care conditions.
Pruning: Schefflera is a fast growing species which will need pruning back. If a tree becomes leggy or you want to encourage a bushy appearance to grow, pinch growing tips. You'll find you can pretty much cut back as much as you like with this plant and it will bring new growth back, during spring.