SmartTerra Autonomous Terrarium

SmartTerra Autonomous Terrarium

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Meet SmartTerra, a revolutionary terrarium that allows you to enjoy beautiful, custom ecosystems in your home.

SmartTerra is more than just a terrarium. It uses technology to maintain the perfect environment for your plants. Through the app, you can monitor the vital conditions of your ecosystem as well as personalize your own settings. With all that, SmartTerra is perfect for any space.

Worrying about watering your plants is now a thing of the past. Now, anyone can grow.

*Plants are not included

Perfect growth environment enabled by technology

SmartTerra automatically maintains the climate within by controlling lighting, temperature, and humidity. Sensors continuously monitor the vital conditions of your ecosystem.

Realistic simulation of the outdoors

Watch the sun rise and set inside SmartTerra from the comfort of your home. Summon rain and thunderstorm at the touch of a button. Finally, top it all off with an accompanying soundtrack.

Control and customization via mobile application

Personalize all aspects of SmartTerra such as the light cycle, rain cycle, and soundscape through the app. It will also notify you when it is time to fill the water tray, add nutrients to the soil, or change your filter.