Spathiphyllum 'Domino' - Variegated Peace Lily

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A natural air cleaner, with glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers!

This variegated variety has white and green marbled leaves!

Peace Lily Care

Temperature: Average room temperature’s are fine. Avoid lower than 55°F/12°C in the winter.
Light: As mentioned above they like light, however, direct sunshine can damage plant leaves. A mixture of light and shade is great, if you can provide it. If you see the leaves yellowing this could be caused by too much sunlight.
Watering: This plant does drink a lot of water in the summer. Keeping the soil moist (not over watered) and allowing it to dry slightly near the top is a good idea. If in the winter the soil stays slightly damp for a couple of weeks or more, that's ok , dont water any more. Your plant will let you know when it needs more.
Soil: A peat based potting mix with perlite is ideal or other peat based mixes.
Re-Potting: Re-potting each spring is the usual drill.
Fertilizer: Feed every 2 weeks with a diluted liquid plant food from spring until fall.
Humidity: Misting leaves regularly will improve humidity and keep it happy.
Propagation: When the plant is being re-potted the main plant can be divided and potted, to grow smaller plants.
Pruning: These plants rarely need pruning...well, not at all, to reduce size anyway. You will need to cut away dying leaves and the flowers when they have seen better days and that should be about it.

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